Welcome to Grace Bible Church! We have lived in downtown Portland since the day we were founded in 1874.

We are a distinctly DOWNTOWN church, in that we are comprised of a widely diverse, often eclectic community of members and neighbors, but we are also a NEIGHBORHOOD church, in that many of our members live within a block of our building and routinely see each other from day to day.

We do our best to “live out” the life and values of Jesus Christ alongside of our beloved neighbors, be they members of our church or not.  It is our goal to fulfill the meaning of our name:

Grace: We are constantly amazed at the undeserved, endless barrage of blessing and kindness that God pours out on us, and we week to do the same with each other, and towards the beloved world around us.

Bible: We do our best to live as a community formed, and informed, by the Scriptures, both Old and New Testament.

Church: We take seriously the fact that we bear the honor of being considered the Body and the Bride of our Lord Jesus Christ.  In faithfulness to Him, we do our best to genuinely live out the love, forgiveness, and encouragement that we are told to hold toward one another–as members of this family called “the church.”

To learn more about us, please browse around our website! We hope to see you Sundays at 11 AM!



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